The Air force of South Korea has established a space operations center which is going to be responsible for the development of the space policies for the country’s armed services as well as improving coordination with domestic and foreign partners, including the United States Space Force. This is the newest in a long line of South Korean initiatives to improve its space Defense capabilities.

The Air Force’s chief of staff, General Park In-ho, the center’s initial chief, Col. Park Gi-tae, as well as other top brass attended the space center’s opening ceremony on September 30, which was held at Air Force headquarters situated in Gyeryong, South Chungcheong Province, according to a statement.

The center, which is under Gen. Park’s command, is divided into three divisions, each of which is in charge of developing space policy, space capabilities development, as well as space situational awareness. It is also going to be in charge of the effective communication as well as policy setting with the other space units which are under the Defense ministry and South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff and with international counterparts and the non-military research institutions, according to the air force.

In a statement, General Park stated, “The space center will deploy all available resources to create capabilities for the country’s space security and provide a foundation for the Air Force to make the jump to being the Space and Air Force.” “Space will be a vital arena for warfighting, and we’ll be ready with our weaponry up there.” We’ll also assist with threats to space security.”

According to Colonel Park, the center would make “all-out efforts to support critical space programs begun by the Ministry of National Military and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as well as assist the Air Force in bolstering its space capabilities to boost the nation’s Defense capabilities in outer space.”

The center’s establishment came a month after South Korean air force opted to participate in joint military drills organised by the US Space Force to enhance the latter’s Defense capabilities in space. The decision was decided during a meeting between Gen. Park and US Space Force Chief in charge of the Space Operations General John W. Raymond on August 27 at the Peterson Air Force Base situated in Colorado Springs, Colorado. These two leaders were also able to agree to build a combined space policy consultative council, share information on the space surveillance, and strengthen joint space operations capabilities like missile Defense.

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