Spire Global is collaborating with SpaceChain, a startup that focuses on blockchain applications in space, to showcase the technology in the orbit. Spire will install SpaceChain software on a satellite in its existing constellation as part of the partnership revealed on September 28. Spire hopes to deploy the SpaceChain payload on the new satellite later this year.

In a statement, SpaceChain co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Zee Zheng said, “Space is the next battleground for companies, and through Spire’s satellite infrastructure, we are pushing global cooperation to the highest vantage point.” “We will be able to use satellite-based computing to break down barriers and establish a more open, cooperative, and global economy as a result of our partnership.” Spire will use Sabertooth, the company’s parallel processing unit originally built for machine-learning applications, to provide adequate computing power for blockchain demonstration.

General manager and executive vice president of Spire Space Services Theresa Condor stated in a statement, “We’re happy to partner alongside SpaceChain and exhibit novel methods to harness outer space.” “Space-centered computation is already proven its worth in a variety of industries as well as use cases, and we’re delighted to assist developing and decentralized blockchains fulfill their full potential.”

While blockchain is most known for its use in cryptocurrencies, it is also being investigated for supply chain management, cybersecurity, and other functions. According to a September 28 news release, Spire and SpaceChain “seek to enhance data security and improve the reliability of computing operations” through their alliance.

Blockchain distributes keys among a network’s numerous nodes. The widespread is intended to ensure that no single point on the network can be tampered with or data stolen. Under a $596,000 grant provided by Enterprise Singapore and Innovate UK in 2020, SpaceChain collaborates with Alba Orbital and Addvalue Innovation to build a decentralized satellite infrastructure. The businesses are collaborating on a blockchain payload which would allow0 organizations or people to order a satellite to do a task such as taking photos of a specified region.

SpaceChain, founded in 2017, is combining space and blockchain technology to provide an open and impartial infrastructure for New Space Economy. Their goal is to break down barriers and enable a worldwide community to cooperate and access space.

SpaceChain also provides space-as-a-service to modern enterprises, allowing them to tap into the enormous possibilities of space and blockchain. We also do grant-funded research to help accelerate technological innovation. Spire Global is a renowned data and analytics firm that gathers data from space and uses it to resolve issues on the ground. They “listen” to the planet in real-time and use machine learning to comprehend what will happen in the future to detect, monitor, and anticipate the movement of the globe’s resources and weather systems.

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