The world’s first hybrid biomethane and an electric tractor for expert farm use – the AUGA M1 – has been presented by organic food producer AUGA group, to set new benchmarks in sustainable farming and help minimize agricultural pollution. Until today, the market’s sustainable fuel tractors were not fit for large-scale farm operations. This is the first stage in the company’s plan to provide technical solutions to help minimize climate pollution across the food production chain and promote sustainable agriculture.

As per a recent survey, food systems are accountable for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, with the usage of fossil fuels in the agricultural machinery accounting for a major portion of this. According to Kstutis Juius, CEO of the AUGA group, this new technology on which the AUGA M1 is built would aid in the creation of a new global food production model while also reducing agriculture’s environmental impact. Biomethane is among the most environmentally friendly biofuels. In its production and usage cycle, methane collected from livestock manure and transformed to biomethane offsets more emissions than it emits per unit of energy.

“We are ready to give food to consumers all across the world at no cost to nature,” Mr Juius said. “People will make a daily positive effect on the climate by consuming such food.” And we are confident that an increasing number of individuals wish to live in this manner. When we initially calculated our emissions three years ago, we discovered that up to 30% of them came from the usage of fossil fuels on farms. There were no viable options for reform. That is precisely why we have taken a leading role in creating technology that will enable us to set a new benchmark for sustainable agriculture while also substantially reducing pollution across the food value chain.

A biomethane, as well as an electric tractor, is the first product of this research. Our technology allows for creating a diverse variety of tractor applications and makes it available to all farm owners who want to work sustainably. We aren’t building technologies solely to address our emissions and meet our goal of becoming CO2-neutral by 2030. Our goal is bigger: we want to get this tractor and other still-in-development technology available to farmers all across the world, helping to solve the worldwide problem of agricultural pollution.”

The hybrid AUGA M1 tractor overcomes two major roadblocks to the widespread use of biomethane-powered tractors: inefficient refuelling and a lack of refuelling station infrastructure. The latter was addressed by providing a quick and easy way to replace the gas cartridge. The company’s scientists are currently working on “green” technologies that would cut emissions from soil and cattle digestion.

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