A Study Shows Drinking Habits Increased Among US Adults

A Study Shows Drinking Habits Increased Among US Adults

People like to drink alcohol even though some might not agree with this, but those who binge drink will agree to this fact for sure. A recent report from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention shows that people who binge drink are seeing an upward trend in their drinking habits. Adults in the USA are found to be drinking more alcohol than expectations, and the majority of them are binge drinkers. The consumption of alcohol has always been high in the country for the last many decades, whether it’s the holiday season or not because people love it.

However, a report from the CDC shows the annual number of drinks rose to 529 in 2017 from 472 in 2011, or in other words, there is an increase of 12% in alcohol consumption. CDC said this increase in the number of alcohol consumption is among binge drinkers who love it. Bing drink can be defined as five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women on a single occasion. The side effect of binge drinking is a loot than its advantages because it includes accidents, STDS, pregnancy, strokes, and heart attacks also.

Binge drinking has increased significantly among men as compared to women. The number of drinks for men has increased from 587 to 666, and for women, it’s 290 from 256. This study also shows what class of people are more inclined towards binge drinking. Those who have lower income pay of $25000 per year are drinking more than any other people; also, high school diplomats are enjoying drinking alcohol. Socioeconomic factors also play an essential role when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. People who are inclined more towards drinks will have to face the problem of having low life expectancies as compared to non-drinkers. Indiana, Maine, New York, North Dakota, Montana, New Jersey are those states which witnessed an increase in binge drinking cases.

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