TB Vaccine Given Intravenously Drastically Boosts Its Potency

TB Vaccine Given Intravenously Drastically Boosts Its Potency

Tuberculosis is one of the leading causes of death around the world. Moreover, health professionals were able to vaccinate the majority of people to keep dreaded disease at bay. However, the vaccine is not efficient enough to prevent the ailment, discovered centuries ago.  A new study has found that injecting the vaccine intravenously can radically improve its protective power.  Researchers have found out that vaccine injected directly into the blood is far more effective than the drug administered into the skin. Intravenous TB vaccination has been proved to be highly effective in monkeys as compared to the standard injection.

Scientists compared the lungs of animals who have been given the drug straight into the blood and animals that were given the standard injection. They witnessed that there has been a 100000-fold reduction in the risk of TB bacteria burden. Nine out of 10 animals did not show any lung inflammation. The lead author of the study, JoAnne Flynn has experimented with several routes and doses of TB vaccine to substantiate its findings. Many studies in the past had suggested the idea of intravenous TV vaccination as well. In this study, Flynn and his colleagues separated monkeys in different categories like unvaccinated, standard human injection, strong dose standard injection and, a strong dose of BCG injected into the blood.  After 6 months, monkeys were exposed to TB bacteria. Monkeys who were given standard injection immediately got lung inflammation. On the other hand, those who were given TB vaccine into the blood nearly had full protection.

Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) is a commercially available vaccine for TB. It is the most widely used vaccine across the globe for tuberculosis. It is developed out of a weakened and live form of TB bacteria commonly found in cattle. Although it is the most common drug for preventing TB but the efficiency of the medicine varies widely.  Researchers are trying to test the lower dose of intravenous TB vaccine to identify its strength. Well, before referring this method to humans, experts need to ensure that, this way of vaccination is not just safe but it is free of infection as well.

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