A Cup Of Coffee In The Morning Might Help In Losing Weight During The Holiday Season

A Cup Of Coffee In The Morning Might Help In Losing Weight During The Holiday Season

Everyone struggles with losing those extra pounds around the holiday season. However, a study reveals that a diet high in fat and sugar along with caffeine can help in keeping those extra pounds of weight at bay.  Researchers have fed several groups of rodents with a diet high in fat and carbohydrate. During the study, a group of rodents has been given caffeine-rich mate tea and at the same time, another group has been given decaffeinated mate tea. Caffeine rich mate tea has been extracted from coffee. The amount of caffeine supplement given to the rats has been the same as the human consumption of four cups of coffee per day.

After months of observations, experts have compared the lean body mass and body fat of each rodent.  Researchers have found out that rats who have been given caffeine along with high-calorie diet gained 16 percent less weight and 22 percent less body fat accumulation than those who have consumed decaffeinated tea. Scientists have said that consumption of caffeine negates the negative effect of high-calorie diets on body composition. High fat or high Sucrose diet modulates certain lipogenic enzymes in adipose tissue and the liver, which creates an imbalance in the body composition. Coffee acts like a stimulant, which helps in weight loss. It affects different metabolic processes in the body. Rats and humans have similar nervous systems, livers, and hearts. Both produce similar hormones to regulate body functions.

The study has been led by scientists from the University of Illinois. The Journal of Functional Foods has published this new research. Experts have cautioned people that coffee is not a magic tool to lose weight. There is a difference between short-term weight loss and sustainable healthy weight loss. There are so many options available to lose weight for a short while but it will not be healthy. Drinking coffee in large quantities is linked to many potential health risks as well. A balanced diet, avoiding highly processed food, and exercise are still healthy methods to lose weight.

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