Upcoming Samsung S11 Plus series could be a foldable smartphone

Upcoming Samsung S11 Plus series could be a foldable smartphone

According to reports, Samsung’s new S11 Plus smartphone could be a foldable device. Korean tech giant Samsung was working hard on its upcoming flagships. Previous reports say that the tech giant was working on the S11 series of smartphones. Samsung’s S11 plus series could be a real game-changer due to its specification and features. Evan Blass, who is an accurate tipster when it comes to leaks, says that S11 plus will be Samsung’s nuclear weapon. The new device will undoubtedly be different from the S11 handset. However, this statement could mean anything. It could be about the specifications or equipment.

Blass confidently claims that the S11 plus will be foldable. Another tech leaker said that the new S11 plus would have different camera features. According to them, S11 Plus will have five rear cameras. The camera setup could be changed, as well. Forbes claims that Samsung will take a break from its usual design for S11 plus series. Samsung is more likely to go for foldable design. In 2014, Samsung wanted to test the curve edges for its smartphones. They wanted to check if people accept the curve edge design for smartphones. Hence, they released Galaxy Note Edge, and people approved that device quite well. Samsung then decided on the massive production of Galaxy Edge. This technology made its way to more smartphones.

Similarly, Samsung has added foldable technology in its plans for smartphone production. Despite facing issues with foldable devices, the company is already on its way to selling 5000000 Galaxy fold smartphones this year. According to the Korean news site, Samsung will sell nearly 6 million foldable smartphones in 2020. It seems like foldable technology is the core of the Korean Company’s strategy. Samsung needs to convert both Galaxy and note devices into foldable to help consumers differentiate between the standard and foldable models. That way, Samsung will reach its goal. Previous reports claim that Samsung is thinking of merging the Galaxy and Note lines into one as they share similar features.

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