Anti-Vaping Laws Could Impose Harm than Good Results, Experts Claim

Anti-Vaping Laws Could Impose Harm than Good Results, Experts Claim

On one side, policymakers across the nation strive to combat a rapidly increasing youth vaping outbreak and soaring cases of vaping-related severe lung disease. On the other hand, some experts claim reactionary bans on nicotine e-cigs are a flaw. In a reporting, published in the journal Science on Thursday, doctors state such prohibitionist actions may spoil sincere tries of adult smokers attempting to quit conventional cigarettes by opting e-cigs. The group of experts includes the participation of public health experts from top agencies. Notably, they belong to Ohio State University, Emory University, Columbia University, and New York University.

Whereas, some experts from major institutes like the American Heart Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, and the American Lung Association have pressed people to stop vaping. Currently, the impact of continuous long-term vaping is unclear. Even more, the group is concerned that vaping comes with some risk. As per the reports of the CDC, more than 2,000 lung injuries have been reported, along with 48 deaths. Meanwhile, most of the patients have reported using THC-containing products, which is the psychoactive component of marijuana. Thus political leaders have rushed to react on the number of vaping-related illnesses.

Amy Fairchild, the lead author of the latest article, said explosive products must be the most strongly managed in order to protect public health. Even more, non-explosive products, like vaping products, should be marketed as alternatives for existing smokers. She added they understand that the severe lung injuries and deaths are disturbing. Besides, it is essential to take action and pay attention. Fairchild said, but they are worried that in a hurry to act, political leaders are not carefully considering the delicate evidence base that must apprise in making a judgment. In the end, the authors recommend that rules to stop youngsters from purchasing vaping products are essential. Besides this, they warn against actions that might divert current e-cig users to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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