Intel’s Horse-Ridge is the newest competitor in the field of Quantum Computing.

Intel’s Horse-Ridge is the newest competitor in the field of Quantum Computing.

Quantum computers are the latest technology that is being developed by some big companies such as Amazon, IBM, Google. The latest such big company to join the race is Intel. Intel has developed a new quantum computer that operates at subzero temperatures. The new such chip has been named as Horse Ridge. Intel set a partnership with QuTech at TU-Delft to develop the new system. The device was built with the help of FinFET technology. Since 2012 It has been used in the company. Intel has been using two separate divisions to create quantum technology.

Quantum computing is the process that computers use to calculate at a faster pace, which normal computers are unable to complete. It makes use of quantum physics for performing the calculations.  Qubits in quantum physics denote the basic unit of information. The process has been devised that enables the qubits to stay in multiple states at the same time.  So this makes the solving of complex problems easier as the calculations can be performed simultaneously by the Quibts. Companies have been performing these operations using the available systems until now. Horse Ridge is a new chip that has been using a quantum refrigerator to store the Quibts in sub-zero temperatures. It helps to convert the information into electromagnetic microwave pulses. These pulses that are being generated will help influence the Quibts. The name is based on the coldest region of Oregon, which is the home state of Intel.   Intel is also progressing towards developing silicon spin chips. They are able to operate at a marginally higher temperature. Intel has a unique advantage in the development of chips that can withstand abnormal temperatures. As the computers need to be operated at a colder temperature, the intel chips can withstand and perform efficiently in that specific temperature range.

This development of Intel is significantly different from the other companies. This is due to the fact that computers can overcome the cooling problem associated with the systems.  Intel is developing infrastructure for extensive scale development of quantum operating systems. The quantum processing market is becoming highly competitive, and the only point of difference will be the technologies that the companies use for the computation.

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