Woman’s Lungs gets scars due to toxic metal leached from e-cigarette coil

Woman’s Lungs gets scars due to toxic metal leached from e-cigarette coil

In recent studies, doctors have exposed that vaping can damage the lungs of the people when the electronic coil of the electronic cigarette is heated to make the e-liquid into an aerosol, toxic metals will penetrate the liquid, resulting in rare cases, which are usually only seen in industrial worker who has their work related to metals.

Recently, a case published by European Respiratory Journal (ERJ) did share that a 49-year-old woman who had symptoms like breathing problems, wheezing, and coughing is a case of vaping illness, which is now seen among 2000 residents in the USA. However, when the pathologist took a closer look at the woman’s lung tissue, it did not look like a typical case of lung injury associated with the use of EVALI, e-cigarettes, or vaping products. Instead, they saw damaged cells engulf other lung cells, forming giant cells, a pattern that often appears in a disease called “hard metal lung disease.” Dr. Jones who is also a professor and a co-author said that it is very unusual pattern that is not seen in any other diseases. He also said that they were researching for metals like cobalt, but none of that could have been seen in that. The woman had no such exposure, but she was using ZenPen vape for round about six months before getting sick. These vapes do not come with cartridges, and hence the purchasers has to get their e-liquids from somewhere else. When the doctors tested the remaining e-liquid it was found out several minerals were there like aluminum, nickel, cobalt, lead chromium, and manganese.  It has been observed that inhaling metals like cobalt mainly does lung damage, which is seen in the above case.

The lungs are permanently damaged in the case of this woman, although these are chances it may improve. So, the true cause of the damage remains unearthed. It is advisable not to use e-ciagrettes.

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