NASA plans to fly Phantom Dummies around the moon

nasa plans to fly phantom dummies around the moon

NASA is planning to fly Phantom Woman dummies around the moon in 2020. The test will include a dummy with a radiation protective vest and another dummy without protection. This is to determine the amount of radiation missed by the sun and space. The vest is designed to protect the body’s most sensitive parts from radiation. Artemis 1 is officially called ‘Exploration Mission 1’ and is the first serious mission that will enable humans to explore Mars and Moon.

The mission, is scheduled for 2020. This mission will be unmanned. It will lay the foundation for exploration of human deep space, and demonstrate the commitment and ability of mankind to extend human existence on the moon. The two dummies will be used to measure the amount of radiation that astronauts can absorb when they reach the moon in 2024.the first dummy, which is named Zohar, will wear a radiation-resistant vest called StemRad.And the second dummy, named Helga, will be without protection. both the dummies will be equipped with sensors to measure radiation-a problem. The scientists are trying to solve this problem for a long time. This problem can cause health problems and even death.

Thomas Berger, of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), said at the International Astronautical Congress that they are happy to be to perform the StemRad mission. The main researchers of the virtual experiment will fly Artemis 1, officially called Matroska AstroRad Radiation Experiment (MARE). to shield radiation particles, the vest uses polyethylene blocks, which are the same materials used in the sleeping area of ​​the International Space Station. There is currently another radiation vest on the International Space Station for woman, which is named as the AstroRad radiation shield. It is said that this vest can protect important tissues of the human body, especially stem cells, and solar radiation in deep space or on Mars may destroy these stem cells. It consists of layers that look like contour maps and will be tailored for each astronaut. Non-metallic protective material will be placed on each shield to cover each astronaut’s organ. Mr. StemRad also said that this mission will enable humans to make deep space explorations, he further added that this mission will determine the ability of mankind to extend human existence on mars.

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