Indiana Hospital Got Sued After More Than 1000 Patients Were Mistakenly Exposed To HIV

indiana hospital got sued after more than 1000 patients were mistakenly exposed to hiv

According to a recent press release from Goshen health, more than 1000 patients from Goshen hospital in Virginia have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B viruses because of error in sanitizing procedure. It’s been found that there was a mistake done by workers while performing a sanitizing procedure on surgical equipment, which led to this disastrous accident. Cleaning workers must have missed the surgical equipment, which has exposed more than 1000 patients to deadly viruses like HIV, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B.

The report shows Goshen hospital recorded 1182 surgical patients between Aprils to September 2019 who might have been exposed to deadly viruses. The reporting authority of the hospital said that they had sent letters to all these possibly exposed patients about this incident and have called up for free testing. Hepatitis C is a liver infection; it’s caused by a blood-borne virus that can be spread by the needles or any other equipment.

Hepatitis B is a liver infection; it gets spread when bodily fluid gets passed to a non-infected person from an infected person. HIV is that virus which kills essential cells in the human body and weakens immunity system of such patient. The report from the hospital further mentions that they believe there is a remote possibility that surgical patients have been exposed to these deadly viruses. However, for confirmation, they have called up these patients. Hospital offered free testing to verify whether these patients have been infected or not. Many patients have already decided to sue the hospital. Goshen hospital has agreed to set up a call center for answering all patients’ inquiries about this issue. The whole incident states that such a grave mistake could have avoided if proper care had been taken.

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