A Ride in The 1969 Baja 1000 Winning Ford Bronco

A Ride in The 1969 Baja 1000 Winning Ford Bronco

The Only four-wheel-drive vehicle which won the Baja 1000 history. 50 years ago, Rod Hall & Larry Minor steered a race-prepared Ford Bronco in the 1969 Baja 1000 to win the race, in those early days of the competition when there were barely any roads and indeed no maps available which were useful, making it a challenging journey. To have done it in this rough & rumble buggy must have been extremely challenging.

When the Ford Bronco was put to a run recently for about six miles, it nearly shook everyone to pieces! In the first look of the truck which drove across the desert, it resembled a spec kicking up the dust, but as the beast got close, the shape was unique. There is rarely any other vehicle like this. The deep V8 rumble was lovely to witness. The Legend Rod Hall passed away this year; he was the best in the off-road motorsports. Hall participated in the first 60 years of the competition of Baja with this truck, which drove him to victory.

To get on the truck, you need a ladder. Step one foot in, fold the other leg, dash down into the seat & then try to pull your head below the roll bar. Doing up belts in this truck is impossible. The seatbelts fit like they would be not race-legal. But once you adjust yourself into the truck. When, Rod’s granddaughter Shelby Hall & talented racer in her own right, pressed the starter of the Ford V8, you will be transported back to 1969. When driving at a speed of five-tenths, one could feel every pebble one will rollover. This truck needed a little more padding on its seats because one cannot possibly ride on a 1000 miles of desert racing with A/T tires. The vintage Stewart Warner speedometer was mounted on the transmission behind the shift lever. There were the spot lamps that were installed on the roof-top, which are on a hinged bar. The truck ‘s exhaust is a straight pipe on both side and a spare belt of alternator & belt of power steering located in the back of the truck. The suspension is not really new tech, but it looks like it has had some help in the form of modern shocks.

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