Apple’s 5G iPhones will release its first 5-nanometer chipset, with feature Qualcomm’s X55 modem

apple’s 5g iphones will release its first 5-nanometer chipset, with feature qualcomm's x55 modem

Though a lot of Android makers have launched 5G capable smartphones, still Apple is holding out. iPhone this year’s top out at 4G, and that situation has long been held to change in 2020. According to a report out from Japan claims that next year’s Apple iPhones will employment Qualcomm’s X55 5G modem, conferring to four people familiar with plan. Though, there is may be supply constraints on X55, as everybody wants to use it in 2020. Next year, Apple’s A14 SoC will debut 5G iPhones to use the most advanced 5 nanometer fabrication process, and TSMC will manufacture it. Currently, Apple and Huawei have plans to go to 5nm in the next year.

At present, Snapdragon 855 processors and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 that power several premium budget smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S10 and OnePlus 7 Pro are manufactured using 7 nm chip technology. It is because lower is the nanometer number, higher is the efficiency, and better is the performance. These are the reason that chip manufacturers slowly shifted from 14 to 10 nanometer processor to 7nm processors. At least five of the four latest iPhones will use OLED displays, which means they may be curved. Since the iPhone X, officially Apple is using curved OLEDs, but there is one curve, and cannot able to see it because of the screen folds into itself at bottom, that allows bezel to be so thin, the display panel connectors kept in the lower part. None other company has far deemed this solution well-intentioned of the price premium it involves; that is why on new handsets the end bezel is marginally thicker than rest.

Apple is thought to emerging a 3D-sensing rear camera to use for the (augmented reality) AR. The company wants to transport 80 million or more in the 2020 iPhones, a belligerent sales goal as it usually ships between US$ 75 to US$ 80 million units every year. Predictors estimate that US$ 206 million 5G phones will be manufactured globally in 2020, so if Apple’s 5G iPhones plan pans out, that will have a large chunk of market. And it may help drive 5G implementation, mainly outside of China.

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