Adobe To Develop Illustrator App For iPad

adobe to develop illustrator app for ipad

The United States based multinational computer software company is mulling to expand its horizon on mobile phones. After making an announcement that it will launch the full version of the Photoshop for iPad users, the company now plans to launch Illustrator app for Apple’s hardware. However, iPad owners are still waiting for the Photoshop app to become a reality. Both Apple and Adobe know that bringing programs like Photoshop and Illustrator to the iPad is a monumental task. The Photoshop project, which started 18 months ago, is believed to be in beta testing at the moment. The app could be available on the iPad later this year.

The latest development is seen as an effort by the California headquartered company to create a version of the desktop products for smartphones. Illustrator is one of Adobe’s most popular apps in its Creative Cloud software group. Reports say that Adobe will preview an iPad version of Illustrator at its MAX conference which commences November 4 in the Los Angeles Convention Centre. It is the world’s biggest design conference where the most creative minds gather for workshops, deliberations, and networking.

Although there is no official statement from Adobe on the proposed leap, the Illustrator app for iPad wouldn’t be ready until 2020. The preview at the next month’s event would definitely give creatives tool to narrowly focus on the development. Both Adobe and Apple have common interests in bringing Illustrator to the iPad. Adobe, a company that was founded in 1982, sees this as another way to spur Creative Cloud subscriptions which give access to a set of applications and services from the company for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, along with a set of mobile apps. This also includes some optional cloud services. Apple, on the other hand, sees this as a convincing counter to previous narratives that mobile tablets can’t handle when comes to heavy-duty creative work. The company has fought to position its iPad as a laptop replacement that can deal with heavy works.

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