Abbott and Omada Health collaborated to offer integrated digital health for patients with Type 2 diabetes

abbott and omada health collaborated to offer integrated digital health for patients with type 2 diabetes

Abbott Laboratories collaborated with Omada Health, Inc. This is for the development of digital coaching platform in order to provide customers personalization care. Abbott Laboratories is a US-based medical device and health care company. The company offers a wide range of product portfolio in diagnostics, nutritionals, and others. The company serves over 160 countries globally. The company offers FreeStyle Libre, which is a leading sensor-based glucose monitoring system used by diabetic patients globally. The FreeStyle Libre glucose monitoring system has changed the lives of more than 1.5 million people suffering from diabetes. Across 46 countries, including France, Ireland, Japan, the United Kingdom, US, and many others. Both the companies partnering for integrating its FreeStyle Libre system. In addition, glucose monitoring (CGM) technology with companies Health’s pioneering on-go digital care program. This is aiming to generate a new paradigm for patient suffering from Type 2 diabetes worldwide.

The companies integrated solution is motorized by proprietary algorithms as well as for analytics. This offers patients with personalized digital care. This can be accessed via smartphones to help patients for better management of diabetes. The patient, by using this technology will be able to track progress. As well as recommendations from assigned certified diabetes educator (CDE) coaches via many online chats in app Omada.

Omada Health plans to provide various integrated solutions to employers and health plans globally. Patients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are eligible will to receive training from experts. These include online physician consultation and many other experts. The patients can receive prescription as well as welcome kit. These consists of the CGM system and a wireless scale. Furthermore, Omada partnered with many other companies for enhancing its product offering. Nearly 30 million Americans are suffering from diabetes. Out of which approximately 95% people are with Type 2 diabetes. Many people globally are looking for numerous simple ways to manage diseases and overall health conditions.

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