Apple Has Introduced Ios 13.1 To Eliminate The Bugs

apple has introduced ios 13.1 to eliminate the bugs

Apple has recently launched a new line of products for the consumers. While launching the new versions of iPhones, the company has also introduced a new OS for devices – iOS 13. This new OS gives a variety of features to the models like iPhone 6S and newer ones. However, soon as the users downloaded the new OS, they started to experience various bugs. The issues like screen getting frozen or apps crashing were pestering the users.

To stop the bugs from ruining the user experience, Apple has launched a new update iOS 13.1 for the consumers. This new update for iOS 13 was scheduled for launch on September 30, but Apple anticipated the backlash it would’ve received had it not released the update quickly. Apple’s iOS 13 initial version was so problematic that the release notes have pointed out various that have been fixed in this new iOS 13.1. Mail on iPhone was not working correctly, Siri was unable to connect with CarPlay, and many users were unable to sign into various instantly.

Another one issue that was bothering many users was related to location permissions in iOS 13. The users who had selected the option never to share their current location details to any app, a bug turned that command to “Ask next time.” Another major lock screen bypass bug was reported to allow others to access a user’s private contact list by making a FaceTime call and gain access by Siri’s voiceover feature. All these issues have been addressed in the latest version. The new version contains numerous additions like an option to share ETA on maps, and you can view lyrics in Apple Music, an automation tab in the Shortcuts, and the latest update for AirDrop. Apple expects that this new update will stop the issues and enhance the experience of users.

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