According to Researchers Daytime Naps Occasionally is a Key to Healthy Heart

according to researchers daytime naps occasionally is a key to healthy heart

If you are a nap-fanatic, then it is good news for you. According to a recent study, daytime naps occasionally can be very beneficial, especially for your heart.  Daytime naps can lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Team of researchers from the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland conducted research to identify relation between napping duration and napping frequency with the risk of fatal and non-fatal heart diseases complications. The researchers tracked around 3,462 people whose age lies between 35 to 75 for about five years. The results depict that those who indulge in occasional napping during daytime once or twice in a week for five minutes or more are less likely to suffer from a stroke, heart attack, or heart failure than those who did not indulge in any mid-day napping at all.

This observational study was published in the journal of the British Cardiovascular Society, “Heart” found that no such association emerged for people who indulge in daytime naptime. Some of studies have done to depict the impact of napping on heart health while many available studies fail to reflect napping frequency or duration, the scientists said. The study was to show that who nap once or twice in a week have a considerably lower risk of cardiovascular disease although no relationship was found between for napping duration and napping frequency.

Stephen MacMahon, he is one of the cardiovascular professionals at oxford university, he was also working on the same study. He said that sleep patterns previously were associated with a range of chronic medical situations, but not all, these relations will reflect the effects of chronic illness on sleep rather than the contrary. Moreover, it is quite difficult to untangle the real cause and effects, specifically when condition is serious, for instance coronary heart disease. Further he stated that it is better to aim for a regular good night’s sleep & opt for usual lifestyle advice that includes decent activity levels and proper diets.

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