US Farmers Are Optimistic About 2019 Even After Bad Predictions Made by Economists

The US agricultural sector suffered a lot this year, and many experts believe that there will be the same condition in 2019 also. According to the experts due to the low prices in the commodity market and trade disputes, many farming sectors like Pork, Dairy, and Soybean have faced lots of difficult time this year. The US farming industry is mainly producing Soybeans, Corn and Wheat but from last few years these commodities got meager prices in the domestic and international markets due to which many farmers went out of businesses. Many experts believe that the farmers shall get ready to face the same condition in 2019 also but even after such deadly predictions about commodity market US farmers seems to be optimistic about the future.

Many trade and business experts think that the US farming industry needs a more significant change in it because from last few years the majority of the farmers have suffered from losses or earned a minimal amount of profits only. On top of that, the trade war between China and the USA have led US farming into more depressing levels because China has imposed tons of taxes on the US produced goods including corns, wheat, beef, etc. Such type of disputes has led the country’s farmers into panic due to which many are getting out of the farming business. Experts believe that those people who are raising corn or soybeans shall expect a more significant challenge in front of them in next year.

However, The Trump administrations have already allotted more than 7 billions of funds for those farmers whose business got affected because of low commodity prices and trade disputes. But even after so many hard period times, many US farmers are still optimistic about 2019, and they are expecting good prices for the US produced farm goods.

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