Despite So Many Controversies Huawei Successful Shipped More Than 200 Million Smartphone This Year

If there’s one thing which every tech company won’t like, then it’s seeing its business going down because of the controversies, but Huawei is an exception here. Because the company yesterday officially reported that it had shipped more than 200 million smartphones globally which states that 2018 was a fantastic year for Huawei even after so many controversies. Huawei faces lots of challenges this year because the company suffered a lot due to US vs China trade war also the CFO of the company was arrested in Canada. The company already tried their best to enter into the US stock market, but due to trade disputes, that plan didn’t go well for it. However, even after that much controversies Huawei successfully sold their brandable smartphones around the world.

According to the company’s historical financial statements which shows Huawei was able to sell only 3 million units of smartphones in 2010. However, in 2018 it sold more than 200 million units which show the tremendous growth rate of the company. As per the company’s performance report, it shipped 65 million devices from the NOVA series, 16 million from P20 series also 5 million from the Mate series. Now the Huawei is giving some tough competitions to many big tech companies which shows that the company is currently dominating the smartphone industry. It’s not easy to become one of the largest smartphone companies in the world, but Huawei has done it after facing lots of problems.

However, many tech experts believe that the company will have to come with more productive products in the future if they want to sustain its position. Even if Huawei as of now is enjoying its dominance on smartphone industry if it wants to enjoy the monopoly then there needs to be more production of the innovative smartphone in the future.

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